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All of our growers must live and grow or raise their products within 100 miles of downtown Cary.  Our growers use fewer fertilizers and chemicals, including no post-harvest chemicals.  They use responsible methods of raising meat animals, and near-organic methods of growing crops.  They only way to have fresher or healthier vegetables, fruits and meats is to grow them yourself!

Our Growers

The mission of the Cary Downtown Farmers' Market is to provide a venue for local farmers, craftsmen, and artisans to offer fresh agricultural and related products directly to the community.  We aspire to strengthen community ties by creating a gathering place for residents and visitors to learn more about the foods they buy directly from the source.  This interaction generates a greater sense of local pride, helping to boost the local economy and foster local business development.  We also provide a venue for local groups and non-profit organizations to help educate the community on the importance of buying local and the benefits of good nutrition.

In 1996, three small family farms wanted a place to sell their products directly to the community.  Downtown Cary proved to be a welcoming home for the three farmers and a relationship began.  A strong community has developed at the  market over the years.  The community has come to know and trust the farmers who make their food while sampling produce, learning about where and how the food is grown, and talking about recipes with other shoppers.

The Cary Downtown Farmers' Market has grown since those three farmers began and now welcomes not only farmers but also artisans such as coffee roasters, bakers, and craftsmen.  While our home has changed, our passion for what we do has not.

Our History

Our Mission