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SPONSORSHIP OPPORTUNITIES FOR the Cary Downtown Farmers Market for 2017

October 4, 2016

Rick Savage, Market Manager, 919-412-9754;   rick.savage_mgr@caryfarmersmarket.com

The Cary Downtown Farmers' Market is a vibrant gathering place where the community has direct access to multiple farmers and unique craftsmen all in one place.

We are committed to providing the highest quality of agricultural and craft products.  We actively engage in the education of nutritional benefits from local produce, meats, and dairy.  We are an integral part of the Cary downtown community and support and promote buying from local businesses.  We believe in the importance of building the relationship between consumers, farmers, and the community.

The Market averages 365 customers per week, the range is from 190 to 585.  The Market’s Newsletter has nearly 700 subscribers.  Our customers often comment about their feeling of a sense of community at the market!  With more people coming to live downtown and more businesses moving to downtown, with streetscaping projects and the downtown park, the future growth of the Market in terms of vendors and customers is excellent!  The Market offers significant exposure for local businesses either as sponsor of the market or as community business booths.  Our webpage, our newsletter with nearly 700 subscribers and growing, social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) and printed materials will be exposed to many viewers.  When your business sponsors the Market, you will be showing community spirit and community commitment to the citizens of Cary.  This can do much to promote your business and increase sales!

The Market season is from the first Saturday in April to the last Saturday before Thanksgiving in November, for a total of 34 weeks.  We currently have 24 full and part time vendors.

                   Market SPONSORSHIP Opportunities

1. GOLD LEVEL (or Sponsor of the Market)                                           


2. SILVER LEVEL (or Friends of the Market)

        Open to 10 Businesses as Friends of the Market!

3. BRONZE LEVEL (or Market Supporters)

4.Niche Opportunities for one Business each:

  • NONPROFIT SPONSOR (or Community Voice Sponsor)

Community Business Booth
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