Winter Market!

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December 9, 2017

Our 2017 Gold sponsor is Gard Wellness Center!  Their support and sponsorship allows us to bring you the best community experience, please be sure to thank them for their support of your favorite market!
Visit them at their web site and tell them thank you on Facebook.

We are proud to announce our Silver sponsors:  
Jam Salad Music, who will be scheduling our music at the Market,now know as the Saturday Morning Music Series, 
The Cary Citizen!  Be sure to subscribe to their blogs!
Academy Street Bistro!  Visit them and tell them the Market sent you!

Shout It Out Design! Web site design.

Please also visit and THANK our Bronze level sponsors for the 2017 season:  
Toward Zero Waste, Cary 
SerendipityGourmet Deli 
Johnson Jewelers. 
Ashworth Drugs
GC Design LLC

The Garage Brothers

Winter Market Starts this weekend

Our Winter Market is now open and the hours are 9:00 - 11:00.  Some vendors may be there earlier and some may stay later, but they will all be there from 9:00 to 11:00 am.  See  you there!

I want to thank all of our sponsors of the Market this year:
Our Gold Sponsor, 
Gard Wellness as they were very excited to sponsor the Market and promotes healthy eating in their practice.

Our Silver Sponsors, 
The Cary Citizen, Jam Salad Music, Shout it out Design,  and Academy Street Bistro!

And out Bronze Sponsors,  
Toward Zero Waste, Serendipity Gourmet Deli, Johnson Jewelers, Ashworth Drugs, GC Design LLC, and The Garage Brothers!

Their sponsorship allowed the Market to operate with a variety of vendors, activities, events, alls season long.  AND their sponsor will also carry our Winder Market!

So bring a friend and see your Market!

Music at the Market

Jam Salad Music presents the Saturday Morning Music Series for the Cary Downtown Farmers Market and they did a wonderful job!  This will be no scheduled music this weekend, but do thank Jam Salad Music for a great musical season.

So the weather looks good, so be sure to come on out to our first annual Farmers Fall Festival! Be sure to tell your friends about your wonderful market as a place of community spirit and experience our first festival!  

Market Manager




We have a wide variety of vendors with great products!  We bring you the best from your local farms and artists. 


Parker Farm and Vineyard

Parker Farm and Vineyard will be at market Saturday with lots of fresh salad greens, kale, sweet potatoes, butternut squash, cilantro, dill, parsley and rosemary. Also, lots of delicious pork sausages( bratwursts, chorizo, hot and mild Italian, hot and mild breakfast, andouille), porkchops, roasts and ground. This week- ground beef and steaks back in stock! Ground beef patties, roasts, bones and more!​

Queen B Farms

Will  be at the Market this weekend with eggs and meats!


Fork + Spoon Fresh Pasta

Fork + Spoon Fresh Pasta is available this weekend at the Winter Market! Join us Saturday at 9:00 am to get your hands on your favorite egg-less, fresh pasta! 

Our menu will include the following pasta flavors and shapes:

Garlic Spaghettini 
Spicy Red Pepper
Porcini Mushroom
Lasagna Sheets**
16 oz. Marinara Sauce

**Lasagna Sheets will be SPECIAL ORDER only moving forward. Please contact us via email or social media to place an order to pick up at the market. 

NEED A HOLIDAY SPECIAL ORDER? Don't forget to contact us via email as to place your order for pick up! 

Don't forget to follow us online to find out where you can find us! Fork + Spoon Fresh Pasta:

We will see you then! 


2 Bros and a Bard

2 Bros and a Bard - Two friends closer than brothers that use their creative energy to craft beautiful products from Bronze and Wood. Embracing their nerdy side, they bring games like Tetris and Zelda into life as cutting boards and wearable art. A special treat for the holiday season, one of the mother's of the Bros has bestowed Christmas themed beaded jewelry. Join our Quest and see what the Bard has been singing about.

So come the Cary Downtown Farmers Market for great products.  

It is The Farmers Market of Cary!

A lot of fresh
A little market

What's at Market this Week
Sponsored by Gard Wellness