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Earth Stone Jewelry

Marie Parker, owner of Earth Stone Jewelry and vendor at the Cary Downtown Farmers Market, has made huge strides since she started her business on August 11th, 2018. What began as a new hobby quickly evolved into an exciting business venture. Marie’s friends often shared criticism of their store-bought bead jewelry with her. They noted that the bracelets broke easily and the overall quality was lacking – this ignited a creative spark in Marie. The self proclaimed “earth-loving, tree-hugging vegetarian” began learning about the many materials she could use to create unique, beautiful pieces and eventually opted to use natural materials in her designs.



As her interest in creating grew, so did Marie’s knowledge of the craft and her commitment to producing a quality product. So committed in fact, that her network personally tested the bracelets during the early phase of her business. Her friends wore them while driving, working high impact jobs like construction, and in other “high-snatch” environments. The goal was for bracelets to be 100% break free.


After perfecting her product and starting her business, the next step was to sell – which is where Earth Stone Jewelry evolved from a fun hobby into a passion project. Conversations with customers led Marie to expand her business model – moving from only beaded bracelets to copper wrapped rings, necklaces, earrings, and a new microbead line. It also propelled her to learn about the healing properties of the stones she sold and ensuring that consumers “feel a connection and [are] able to make an informed decision” about the jewelry they purchase. However, no matter how much her inventory grows, her commitment to create with only natural materials remains.



“I handpick every single stone, every single bead, make sure the string is perfect, and use only high-quality materials.  If something doesn’t sit right or fit together perfectly or match in color, or if the wire bends too sharply or loosely, I will tear it apart and start over.”  – Marie Parker, owner of Earth Stone Jewelry


In addition to natural materials, Earth Stone Jewelry also values natural and authentic relationships. In her short time at the Cary Downtown Farmers Market, Marie has developed lasting bonds with other vendors and customers alike… “It’s always so profound and humbling, and still often quite surprising, to hear that something I made with my hands and heart influences people.”


When asked why she opted to spend time at the Cary Downtown Farmers Market, her answer was a no brainer – she was searching for the best and found it. Marie feels supported in her mission to produce and provide customers with unique, handcrafted products, by the market manager, volunteers, and vendors alike, “In a short amount of time I have built relationships with the vendors and the customers. . . I’m excited about our continued partnership and look forward to each Saturday that I attend.”


We are thankful and excited to have such a passionate maker as a part of the Cary Downtown Farmers Market vendor crew and look forward to the beautiful pieces Earth Stone Jewelry will show us next.


Contact Details:

Call: (919) 795-0957




Open Saturdays | April-Oct: 9a.m. - Noon | Nov-Mar: 9a.m. - Noon | 135 W. Chatham St., Cary, NC