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The Cary Downtown Farmers Market is a 501(c)3 non profit organization. All tax deductible donations will allow the Market to continue providing a welcoming space for patrons to connect with producers and growers every week!

After 20+ years of providing local residents access to wholesome, nutritious food and supporting local farms and small businesses, we are genuinely touched by our supporters who believe deeply enough in our vision to give on a regular basis.

Become a Community Connector Today!

Be a part of our vision to connect Cary and nearby neighborhoods to locally grown food; Be a special group of supporters who believe so deeply in our work to become monthly donors. Your recurring gifts supports the long-term viability of the Market and its programs.

We ask you to consider becoming one of these exceptional individuals, who we fondly call Cary Downtown Farmers Market Community Connectors. One of the biggest things we depend on as a nonprofit is consistency so that we can continue to connect and work for our local community. By giving monthly, you are investing in the health and well-being of your community by helping us build strength and stability in partnerships with our local residents, growers, producers and businesses!

Your (tax-deductible) contribution is an investment in the future of our local food system, and the health and prosperity of our community and economy.  We will put your gift to work to help us develop more resources and connections to serve the Town of Cary as well as surrounding areas.  If you are not ready to give monthly, you can make a one-time donation today.


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Open Saturdays | April-Oct: 9a.m. - Noon | Nov-Mar: 9a.m. - Noon | 135 W. Chatham St., Cary, NC