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Western Dragon Teas and Tisanes

Western Dragon Teas and Tisanes




 Welcome to a magnificent tea experience!  

Western Dragon Teas and Tisanes strives to be the best tea company possible for all of our customers and suppliers.  We use the best and most ethically grown organic natural products.  We blend in small batches and ship directly to you, so you can have the perfect cup of tea. Thank you for supporting our small local business.


Our Story

Blended in Raleigh, NC since 2016

It is a rare gift to find something that is handmade with love and care and when you do, don’t let it go. I am an artist and I have my art inside the tea shop.

Like any hand-crafted goods, we take our time and make sure that the expertise of what we love goes into what we make and we do it the way an artist creates art.

We will exclusively blend any tea or tisane designed for your personal taste or therapeutic needs.

Teas and herbs have been used for hundreds of years to amend the heart, soul, and body.

Teas and tisanes can be useful in alleviating physical, internal and emotional impediments that can block our chi and prevent us from moving forward.


Offering a variety of tea collections:  CLICK HERE


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Open Saturdays | April-Oct: 9a.m. - Noon | Nov-Mar: 9a.m. - Noon | 135 W. Chatham St., Cary, NC